About the ACCESS Learning Centre

ACCESS Learning Centre is a private school on the outskirts of Patras, founded in 1992, ACCESS has been at the forefront of innovative language teaching as well as computer studies education. As an educational leader in Greece in both these areas we have always placed ourselves alongside our students, supporting them throughout their courses.

The course curriculum covers all that is required and beyond in today’s demanding society. From a young age our students acquire the essentials that will secure them a bright future, as well as the satisfaction that goes hand in hand with accomplishing the goals we help set out for them.

We at ACCESS are a team of accomplished, experienced teachers with academic backgrounds. Whether teachers of language, where the language taught is our mother tongue backed by scholarly skills that reflect outside of the classroom to the real world, or teachers of computer science that stimulate and stretch the student’s imagination in designing and programming robots, to simply learning the proper layout of how to write and send an e-mail, we at ACCESS always excel in doing our best.