Computer Centre

In this new age of High Technology, computers are at the forefront leading change in our modern society. From an early age the computer has become a basic tool for our work environment as well as innovation in our homes and now as a means to implement creativity in schools.


Lessons are held in comfortable, modern air conditioned rooms with clean air vent duct systems that offer ideal conditions for study with the latest computers and high speed internet access for up to seven students per course.


Courses are structured into two flexible but distinct age group areas:
Our adult curriculum is designed for young adults and adults; with an emphasis on professional achievement and success in as short a time frame as possible, but with a sound structure in e-learning and the application of what has been taught.

The Courses for young learners places great emphasis on strong educational foundations that lead up to a full, broad accomplishment in understanding of the curriculum's exam challenge, as well as a broader base for computer literacy.

Our one to one capacity to give greater emphasis to the individual needs of the student, allows for the necessary support needed to make our courses successful.

Below is a small example of what we offer:

  • General Computer Use
  • File and Mail Management
  • Full IT and ICT Curriculum
  • Microsoft Office Use
  • Open Office Use
  • Open Source
  • Photoshop Use
  • Corel Use
  • 3D Animation
  • Rendering
  • Digital Editing
  • Robotics: Construction and Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Programming Languages
  • Data Base assembly and operation
  • Object/Scenario manipulation
  • Multimedia
  • Telecommunications
  • Real world environmental project
  • Understanding the working technological environment
  • Computer functionality and its application
  • Hardware and Software use

And many more!

For more information or if you are interested in something else that is not mentioned here please feel free to contact us.


At ACCESS we take our Computer Centre Studies very seriously, as a University of Cambridge IT Examination Centre; we offer all our students a dynamic curriculum that covers all areas that this age of Information Technology demands and more. Exams are held at our centre under the supervision of Vellum, Global Educational Services.