Climate Change - How are we dealing with it?

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Climate Change - How are we dealing with it?

When you hear people talking about climate change, your initial reaction is probably - Oh yeah! Same old topic!

However, after having read the article, I started thinking. What are we really doing here? How have we let things slip so far from our grasp? Is there a way we can decelerate this gradual but surely progressing destruction of our planet? As various species shift from their usual habitats to new ones to ensure their survival, so too do pests and parasites which cause illnesses.

Most disturbing is the incidence of insect-borne tularemia, also known as rabbit fever, which has grown 10-fold in northern Sweden in 30 years. Not to leave out the tick-borne encephalitis in the Komi Republic, west of Russia's Ural Mountains as climate change has allowed ticks to expand their range.

"Nature doesn't trust us anymore," some say. I would have to agree
To learn more, read the National Geographic article on Climate Change by clicking here :o