A Few Words About Us

ACCESS Learning Center is a Foreign Language Center that was founded in 1992 in Patras with the aim of providing innovative and beneficial foreign language teaching. We are a dynamic group of teachers with academic background in the native language we teach. Our experienced staff, with professionalism and passion for teaching, place us consistently at the top of foreign language education. But our original goal remains the same. To provide the best and most comprehensive support to all our students throughout their studies, in an ideal and enjoyable teaching environment.

In an evolving technological society that breaks down stereotyped learning, ACCESS adapts, integrates and develops new methods and techniques of teaching. Our mission is to provide our students with the best possible learning experience.

What We Offer

  • Our modern, comfortable classrooms offer an ideal learning environment for all our students.
  • Interactive Whiteboards in each classroom with exceptional HD Visual and Audio presentation makes teaching focused and a treat for students.
  • Tablet equipped classrooms alongside traditional student material, creates a new experience in shared team work between student and teacher.
  • The in-Centre Computer Lab for e-Learning Language Teaching is an extension to the Classroom, and along with Homework e-learning, both add a strong incentive for responsible student learning.
  • Our Cinema Screening Auditorium is for special Language Learning moments. The cinema is a powerful educational tool. It’s where the language we teach comes alive.
  • The Centre’s Library offers a rich selection of reading material; from novels, readers, magazines and reference books, which are lent out to all our students.

Our Lessons

At ACCESS Learning Center we offer a complete curriculum for all levels. Our courses cover the full range of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment, abbreviated CEFR. Here at ACCESS we can confidently provide our students with the certification of these internationally recognized standards.

Our curriculum is methodological and communicative, which stimulates and perpetuates the need of young students to succeed and to feel confident in a native speaking environment. At all levels, the lesson comes to life through the use of an interactive HD whiteboard that makes learning more interesting and at the same time more fun, thereby capturing the student’s attention. In addition, along with traditional teaching materials, we provide our students with tablets, creating a new experience in our already modernized classroom.

We place emphasis on small, tutor style groups, which enable our teachers to offer their full attention to each individual student.

A personalized help system for students with difficulties and special needs takes place within our premises in the form of private lessons.

Lessons run from September to May, and intensive summer lessons are available for students at specific levels. Additionally, we provide online lessons for special occasions, such as when a student is absent due to illness and is unable to attend a lesson.