Motivating Students to Read Literature

motivatingreadingIt isn’t unheard of when teachers and parents are faced with the challenge of motivating children to read more literature. But don’t lose hope. For it’s not that hard to create the right conditions to encourage the young to adopt a love for reading.

First, we must determine why there is negativity towards reading. Is it because they find it boring, or perhaps they find it too hard? Maybe they lack the discipline to concentrate. These are important questions we must first address if we want to help promote reading in young students. If a child finds reading hard and struggles with understanding the context due to lack of vocabulary, or has issues with fluency and pronouncing words, then we as teachers and parents must first address these concerns. There is also a possibility that the child has some learning difficulty, such as dyslexia. Nevertheless, as we prioritize these challenges, our young readers will slowly become better and start enjoying reading more.

If they find it boring, then it is up to us to try to make it more interesting. Initially, we need to discover what triggers the child’s curiosity and interest. So, we provide a suitable genre, considering what is most enjoyable to them. Furthermore, we can create a suitable reading environment, which encourages the child to spend time reading. Children observe everything and if they see us—the grownups—reading, they will want to copy us. So, we must lead by example if we want our child to read more.

Of course, another well-established method is reading to our children. This usually creates the motivation needed for them to slowly take up reading. It’s important, however, to keep it simple, we must make sure they are reading literature that is appropriate for their ability and age. A good time to do this is just before bedtime, or at a time during the day when everyone feels relaxed.

Many parents expect their children to pick up reading or to read more when their schedule is already full. So, make sure your child has the time to read because having a full on schedule can make it really hard!